Seagate Minerals & Metals, Inc.

About Us

nature of the business


Primary Products

  • Copper Concentrates
  • Copper Blister
  • Copper Cathode
  • Zinc Concentrates
  • Dore
  • Gold/Silver Bullion
  • Lead Concentrates
  • Lead Bullion
  • Precious Metal Bearing Pyrites

            ...and other products

Secondary Products

  • Drosses
  • Mattes
  • Speisses
  • Black Copper
  • Filter cakes
  • Spent Anodes
  • Copper Scrap
  • Electronic Scrap
  • Copper Based Bullion
  • Gold Loaded Carbon Fines
  • Precious Metal Sweeps
  • Precious Metal Bearing Slags
  • Precious Metal Bearing Sludges
  • Precious Metal Bearing Tankhouse Slimes
  • Baghouse Dusts
  • Pond Sludges

           ...and other industry by-products

products traded

Seagate Minerals & Metals, Inc.'s is a small group of international metal merchants with various backgrounds of expertise. We're here to help all of our clients and their unique needs. No production is too big or too small for us, our goal is to simply help create a positive future for all of our clients. 

Here at Seagate Minerals & Metals, Inc. we understand that market conditions are uncertain, especially in today's global economy. But, rest assured that our market expertise will successfully and happily meet your needs and achieve maximum return. 

Seagate handles its business mainly on a principal to principal basis which is preferred by most mines and smelters. This business method involves the outright purchase and sale of the non-ferrous products and provides the greatest opportunity for profits In addition to outright purchases and sales, SMMI is also involved in the upgrading or customizing of raw materials (toll operations), countertrade activities, providing the service of recycling by-products and residues, as well as barter transactions (swaps and switches). 

Risk control

There are always risks inherent in trading any raw materials or commodity. Seagate assumes these normal risks that involve amongst others; credit exposure, government regulation, performance risk and price fluctuations and manages them.  SMMI has instituted a risk management and reporting system that limits risks as follows;

  • Financial and trading limits for each costumer and supplier based on their own financial strengths.
  • Metal price risks are hedged on the terminal markets, LME and COMEX, to avoid pricing risks and ock in spreads.
  • Insurance under a floating policy covers all materials from the time title and risk is passed to Seagate.